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Intimate Backyard Vegan Wedding

Last November I got married in my parents backyard. I wanted to share some photos from our day, some foods ideas and some of the decor we used. Wedding planning was the absolute worst, so no matter what you end up doing, just chill out and have fun with it! Also, recite the mantra: keep it simple. Rinse and repeat.


Location, date and time:

We decided to have the wedding in my parents' backyard to save money. After setting our Fall date, we consulted our photographer for the best time to have the ceremony. We wanted to time it correctly to have enough light for photos. As you can see, TinyStarrs Photography (my older sister) timed it perfectly for some epic sunset shots after the ceremony.

Dress and flowers:

I found my dress on Etsy. I was determined to buy a dress under $200 and luckily, I kept checking the price of this one until the shop discounted it. Unfortunately, looking back at the dress almost a year later, the price has been doubled (business must be good). My motivations for a cheaper dress was prompted by my splurge on a wedding band.

I wore a Spanish mantilla that my grandfather brought back from Seville back in the 60s. I have always wanted to use it for my wedding veil.

We ordered my flowers online from Bloominous partly because I was lazy, and partly because it was MUCH cheaper. They have different collections and styles to chose from. Under each collection, you can order bouquets, boutonnieres, hair flowers and so much more. I ordered from the Fairy Dust collection and my mom and sisters had fun putting the flowers together for me. The ribbons hanging from the bouquet were purchased in a craft store.

Dinner and drinks:

After a bit of searching, we found a restaurant in Downtown Charleston that was willing to make us a delicious vegan spread. Ladles Downtown worked with us to create a custom menu that didn't break the bank. We settled on three soups (rosemary white bean, pumpkin curry and cranberry chili), a tempeh BLT, a salad with homemade dressing, and a variety of dips and crackers. Our meat-loving families were all doubting our plant-based menu, but I think Ladles convinced them otherwise! My favorite part was the rosemary lemonade they made to accompany our dinner. (P.S. Ladles Downtown has vegan Fridays. Go check them out!) We are still getting compliments from our families about the food.

For drinks, we copied a thousand other Pinterest posts and put as much beer and wine in a canoe as we could fit. My husband's parents provided some custom koozies and keys to open the beers. It was easy and everyone could grab what they wanted. We also had coffee, tea, water and lemonade.


Cupcakes were an easier and cheaper option for our dessert. We used Cupcake Downsouth and they made us 4 different vegan flavors of cupcakes and some minis for the kids. We also had a firepit and lots of s'mores for guests to enjoy.


This was a total mixture of my mother's crafty eye and my love of We worked together to beg, borrow and buy little things to put around the house. She found tents online that we purchased and put together ourselves. This saved us thousands! We even sold them afterwards. We rented table clothes, tables and chairs and set them up ourselves. I found rugs on Craigslist to use in certain spots in the backyard. Lighting was also a huge component, and we purchased lots of white string lights to hang in the tents and candles for the tables.

For dishes, we visited Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity stores and purchased neutral colored plates for the sandwiches and snacks, dessert dishes for cupcakes and mugs for the soups. It turned out to be a super cute variety of different dishes. We donated everything back after the wedding.

We ordered fresh green garland for the long family table and used lanterns that we borrowed for some extra decor. The utensils were ordered from a restaurant supply website and donated as well.

(As you can see, we forgot to get someone to put out the aisle runner!)

We collected wedding photos from friends and family that were attending and used them as decorations on the tables. This was kinda stressful and time consuming but it was a cute idea if you have someone in your family or wedding party willing to take on the project.

At that is about it! I'm sure there is loads more I could say, but those are the highlights.

The most important part of the wedding for us was spending time with family. We only invited 50 people, and it was a perfectly intimate affair. A HUGE thank you to my sister for being an amazing photographer and to everyone else who stepped in to help. Here are a few more because they are so beautiful. Thanks for letting me share our day with you!


Charleston, SC, USA

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